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I wholeheartedly endorse the flag above as the national flag of Tamileelam.

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Tamil National Flag

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Since it was first unfurled in Tamileelam, the traditional homeland of the Tamils, the national flag of Tamileelam has become an icon which is rooted deep in the Dravidian civilization symbolizing martial valour, the uniqueness of Tamil language, culture and the Tamil people’s will to freedom.

The Tamils worldwide show immense gratitude and love for their national flag. The national flag has become a sacred national symbol that identifies the unique Tamil nation. The flag is handled with outmost care as Tamils humbly remember the thousands of men and women who have paid the ultimate and supreme sacrifice so that the national flag will fly high in the skies of an independent Tamileelam.

Currently, the Sinhala military occupation of the Tamil homeland has prevented the Tamileelam national flag from flying in the Tamil homeland.  It is the mission of the Tamileelam National Flag Campaign to demonstrate to the entire world that Tamils all around the world wholeheartedly accept the national flag of Tamileelam, which is central to the identity of Tamils worldwide.

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